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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Crying cat meme

In the nature of the cats are two features that sometimes seem opposite. On the one hand, these animals are independent and self-sufficient, they are full of dignity and confidence. On the other - cats are so harmoniously "fit" in life human, which is sometimes difficult to imagine: once they were wild Lifestyle!

Cyprus is an island, therefore in a way cat get there I could not. Consequently, she was delivered there by people. Such a archaeologists give evidence which date the burial 7500 BC. er "Migration card" of domestication of cats On the territory of the Fertile Crescent Ideal conditions for cat domestication scientists, civilization was born, already 10 thousand years ago were beautiful conditions for farming and speeding production. People who lived there, not knew the needs, the barns were full grain, and storerooms - stocks. Such a an accumulation of cereal seeds for sure caused catastrophic growth populations of mice and rats that, in turn served food for local wild cats. Cats re- settled closer to human settlements that were swarming with rodents. So people and crying cat meme became exist in the same territory which, in fact, was the first step to domestication of these remarkable animals. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

QR & Barcode reader. Secured version.

This application is a QR and Barcode reader that does not require personal information details, unlike most other scanner applications. If you don’t want to give permissions to read Contact and History Bookmarks, then this is going to be the secure QR and Barcode reader of your choice.


✓ Reads any type of QR codes which can include: Text, URL, Phone Number, SMS, Email, Business Card (v-Card), Geographic Location, Calendar Event, Wi-Fi Network Key

✓ Reads Barcode, Universal Product Code (UPC-A and UPC-E), International Article Number (EAN)

✓ Creates and shares QR codes – just type in text or paste in an URL then press OK

✓ The application remembers all your scans in the History page, and you can get back all your previous scan results at any time

✓ In low light conditions, a Barcode or QR code can be highlighted by using a device’s Flashlight feature

There is a single limitation with Privacy restrictions: the application cannot create QR codes directly from your Contact list. If you need this function, please use the regular “QR Barcode reader +Flashlight”.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

QR & Barcode scanner + Flashlight

  Powerful QR code scanner
  • Graphic interface designed by Red Dodo. You can hold your phone horizontally or vertically, even upside down. App Interface automatically adjusts accordingly device orientation.
  • You can turn the app to a flashlight (which will use camera LED, if your phone has one). Press on on lamp – this will turn on your camera LED then tap and hold anywhere on the screen to turn off the scanner and save battery power.
  • Our QR code scanner can read any type of QR and Barcode, including inverted QR codes.

Already have a QR code scanner? Try this one, see how convenient it is:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Animated Myspace avatar with pictures from your webcam!!!

Create your Myspace animated avatar with pictures from your web cam.
This is really cool!
Web camera and Adobe flash player required.
Absolutely free!